Raspberry Whirl & Disaronno No-Churn Ice Cream

So, even in a time of being in lockdown and having to be resourceful, it’s strange what can trigger an idea for a recipe.

This beautiful tulip opened on one late April morning in the garden and suddenly reminded me of a no-churn ice cream recipe I tried years ago – just the beautiful way the colours of pink and white worked together suddenly brought it back to me. Despite everything largely being utterly shit at the moment, the weather has been incredible which I’m sure has raised a lot of spirits… it just got me thinking about that recipe. And it just wouldn’t leave my head.

I knew I had a key ingredient kicking around – a tin of condensed milk that really needed to find it’s meaning in life. Just not everything else I needed.

I was recalling something decadent but easy, that could be made without some expensive, socially-distanced drop off of an ice cream maker that would never see the light of day after it’s first use – because I recalled that there’s really no need for it. If you have one, great. But I knew I didn’t need one.

I just lacked the ingredients.

So, when I saw some of those key ingredients lurking around, reduced to clear when I was next out shopping for some basics, there was no way I was leaving them. Pure chance, and I couldn’t believe the luck that I could even match the colours of the flower and flavours of the original attempt that had been on my mind just because someone else didn’t want those ingredients that day. I certainly did.

Pre-freezing…just try to tell me this isn’t going to be gorgeous

So, the last time I made this I split the mix and made half of it just as a spin on a raspberry swirl ice cream and the other on some leftover Disaronno (I have a huge weakness for this stuff – it’s beautiful and there’s always half a bottle of it kicking around at home). This time I decided to mix the two very gently together.

So I can’t quenelle for shit….but trust me, that’s really not important

As I’ll mention again in the method, you do lose some of the “booze” taste in the freezing process, so I like to enjoy this with a small glass of that gorgeous Disaronno alongside, or drizzled on top. And, being a no-churn recipe, the texture straight from the freezer will be a bit harder than normal ice cream, but given a little time to relax at room temperature, this becomes lovely, soft and absolutely indulgent.

It’s not a health food. But nobody can be good all of the time…and when things taste this good, who would want to be?

So from random sighting of a tulip in the garden to coincidental shopping fortune, and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon (for god’s sake, keep the cook’s perk of the whisk and don’t waste a bit), I give you my Raspberry Whirl & Disaronno No-Churn Ice Cream.


150g raspberries

3 tsp Lavender honey (normal would be fine!)

2 tsp Vanilla bean extract

I x 397g tin condensed milk

500ml double cream

3 tbsp Disaronno


First of all, lightly stew the raspberries on a low heat until they’re reduced to a sauce. Allow to cool a little, then sieve out the majority of the seeds (somehow, some always make it through!).

Return the juice and pulp to the pan, with the lavender honey. I used this just because it’s what I had during a time when we were needing to use up what we had – normal honey would work just fine! The flavour is very subtle if you use this, it’s just a way to take the edge off of the sharp fruit. You could achieve the same with processed sugar to taste, but I prefer the subtlety and natural approach with honey.

Return to a low heat until the syrup has a slightly jammy texture – not falling off the spoon, but still fairly liquid when warm. Put aside to cool, preferably in a new, cool pan or metal bowl to speed up the process.

Whilst that lovely jammy mess is cooling, it’s time to make the base for the ice cream. Combine the condensed milk, the vanilla bean extract, the beautiful almondy Disaronno (although this would be lovely without it if you’d prefer not to use it or don’t have it) – in a bowl and mix well.

Raspberry jam cooled? Great. Time to get that double cream doing it’s work. Put in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, or use an electric whisk or give yourself cramp and do it by hand, but whisk it to the first stage of stiff peaks – then mix in the other ingredients and mix in well together. Careful – you don’t want to over-whisk the cream. As soon as it’s combined, down tools!

Spoon the mixture into a container – a loaf tin with a clingfilm lining works, or plastic containers (I use these with a sheet of clingfilm on top and stack them before freezing if I don’t have a loaf tin available, again with cling film if I do).

Pour over the raspberry mix, and gently swirl through with a knife or skewer. Leave some juicier layers, but mix through a bit.

Into the freezer with it – it’ll take a fair few hours, but it’ll be worth it.


Not being a churned ice cream, when you get this out of the freezer it will be quite solid. So, give it roughly twenty minutes at room temp (keep an eye depending on the temperature at the time) so it’s more scoopable. Yes, that is a word now. Aim for a soft scoop(able) texture.

(Ok again I know my quenelle talents leave something to be desired but you get the idea of this from the pictures!)

Bear in mind through freezing you lose a little of the Disaronno flavour, so I soon learned that drowsing a little of that gorgeous Almond liqueur over the top of this makes it a really decadent treat, although just alone it’s a beautiful, fresh summer indulgence.

Enjoy everyone!x

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