Beetroot Hummus

Time for another recipe from the lockdown lifestyle of early summer 2020…I wanted to post something with some serious colour to it, because whilst I’m not a vegetarian at all, I love a plant based meal with loads of colour because you just know that when you’re eating vibrant, beautiful foods that you’re going to be treating your body to plenty of differing, varied and beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

Also, I love the humble chickpea. They look so plain and innocuous but they have so many uses and give so many vegetable dishes some heft and protein.

But one vegetable I have a strange relationship with is beetroot. Ok it can mess up the odd chopping board, you don’t want to wear white when you’re prepping it and it generally likes to make a mess, but for some reason I’ll enjoy some randomly – be it out for a meal or because someone else has cooked it, remember that I love the stuff and then forget I like it for about a year.

Well that’s stopped now, because randomly seeing some of those pre-cooked beetroot packs in a supermarket when looking for some colourful inspiration to get some plants into my diet was perfect timing – and for the first time in some while the shelves also boasted tinned chickpeas. And this the day after I sorted through the remains of the store cupboard and found an unopened jar of tahini…

(Of course typically next time I went to shop there was tonnes of raw beetroot begging for a home…hence it’s appearance in the photos…pfft.)

Beetroot hummus…trust me guys, it might not sound like much but it tastes delicious AND it’s really easy. I used this as a base for a coleslaw and vegetable home-made flatbread (recipe on that to follow) and it really does have enough flavour that you don’t even notice that you’re enjoying a vegetarian dish because you’re too busy enjoying all those lovely plant-based flavours – strongest of which came from this simple and quick recipe which also makes a great dip.

It’s sweet, surprisingly filling, very moreish and generally pretty delicious (as well as being, well, pretty).

For once, even I’m embracing something pretty in pink. Although the song was quite good too.


150g pre-cooked beetroot (approx according to size) – quartered or roughly chopped

1 chopped garlic clove

1 x tin cooked chickpeas, rinsed

1 tsp ground Coriander

Small pinch chilli flakes (optional…equally optional make them hot ones!)

Salt and black pepper to season to taste

1 x tablespoon tahini

3 x tablespoons good quality Olive oil

2 x tsp sesame seeds (optional)


Lightly toast the sesame seeds if you’re using them – just a few minutes over a low heat in a frying pan to bring out their flavour.

Place all ingredients bar the olive oil and sesame seeds in a food processor and blitz into a rough mix – add the olive oil gradually – more if needed – and continue to process to desired texture.

Yeah, that’s it.

Taste after, season more if required then turn out, scatter over the seeds if you’re using them and a drizzle more good olive oil – and to help store anything left over, using olive oil over the top will help.

Spread over bread, use as a dip, a great base for a wrap, gorgeous with cold meats and coleslaw…this is as bright and happy to look at as it tastes….and not particularly bad for you either.

Who needs boring old plain hummus when you can go for this instead?

Enjoy! x

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