Basil & Pistachio Pesto

Okay, I’m not going to pretend this is anything other than a quick post.

But every decent food blog needs a go-to pesto recipe (well ok I have my Spring Sage one but hey you ALWAYS need a Basil one) and I haven’t been posting a lot for….well ages.

But hopefully that’s changing, new challenges are ongoing but life is settling down again so here’s to an autumn of cooking and writing.

In the meantime, however, we have an unseasonable blast of late summer in the UK, so that meant barbecue, salad, general al fresco dining and telling flies to do one. But it also required a pesto and I certainly wasn’t up for a jar of store-bought stuff.

You can’t really improve on the fundamental pesto – basil, olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan, seasoning, garlic – but you can tweak it to how you like it. So mine tends to have a different type of nut mixed in for a different nutrition and flavour profile, the pine nuts are always toasted, a bit of lemon juice lifts the whole thing.

Obviously good with pasta but this is so friendly it’ll go with almost anything….well ok maybe not ice cream or coffee but if you’re daft enough to push my theory that far then you get what you deserve. It’s just a great pesto and it’s a great last blast of summer in early September with a beautiful salad or pasta dish. Yet at the same time when squashes start to creep into your recipe horizon, this still works so well.


50g Parmesan

1 x bunch (around an almost tightly packed mug, stalks in are fine) of Basil

25g pine nuts

25g pistachios (unsalted)

1 garlic clove

Squeeze of lemon juice

Maldon Sea Salt and black pepper to season

50g parmesan, roughly chopped

Olive oil, to relax the mix


Toast the pine nuts lightly – just aim for a little golden colour

Peel the garlic clove, put that and all the other ingredients in a blender

Allow the pine nuts to cool a little, then add and blitz into a coarse mix

Scrape the sides of the blender down and add olive oil gradually until the mix becomes smooth or however coarse you prefer

It’s not rocket science, it’s not a blog post that will change you life, but it tastes bloody good, you can mix it into virtually any savoury time-saving meal and it’s super quick to do. Enjoy x

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