Hi all! Thanks so much for popping over to read the Waffle. I’m Christina, a thirty-something UK food obsessive. I actually work in broadcasting, I’m generally a grumpy commuter (by happy own admission!) but I have a great job that I love and this blog is an expression of my second passion in life – cookery, food, growing great produce.

So what’s the Waffle about? No specific theme here – it’s not strictly one thing or another. Just embracing the rare moments when I actually remember to write down what I’m cooking as I’m cooking it and hoping that other people might enjoy the recipes that come from it. That said, it is mindful of food waste, and will feature a fair amount of meat-free recipes. So that’s where a lot of the creativity is coming from – finding you have one ingredient kicking about that desperately needs using and going from there.

Thanks again for joining in and would love to hear from you.

Happy cooking! x