Welcome to The Waffle! Honestly I’ve waited years to really invest some time in doing this, but there’s always been something that’s gotten in the way until now. But, 2020, new year, new decade, the small matter of being on house lockdown because of a worldwide pandemic – well 2020 seemed the time to stop making excuses (new career, house needed this or that doing, general procrastination, fear of failure?…enough already). So here we are and I’m very happy you’re here.

I know there are some magnificent blogs out there which focus on one theme of food or another – veganism, plant-based, paleo, grow your own and so many more and having read a great deal of them I know there are some fantastic, exciting writers out there doing great things. I’m not aiming for a specific theme myself, merely hoping that someone might come across The Waffle and enjoy something I’ve shared – what I am passionate about are things like avoiding food waste, local producers, I am fortunate enough to grow my own vegetables in summer and I just like to try to create around those variables and more. I’m not vegetarian or vegan but I do try to be conscientious and make good choices about eating plant-based or vegetarian regularly and sourcing responsibly when I don’t.

As for me – I’m a mid-30s from the Midlands in the UK, I work in London in a fantastic and varied job which I love and food is my next passion to that. I might well branch out into suppliers or local producers or events related to cookery which I come across but I promise for the near future none of those will be financially or in any other way supported by third parties and if that ever becomes the case I will be open about it within the post. In short, I just want to get talking about food!

I’m also really looking forward to hopefully some time soon introducing you to the word of the super-talented illustrator and my best friend through most of my life, Emily Russell-Rhymes, who I’ve so often talked to about collaborating on this project with. So keep an eye out for that…

So, that’s more or less an idea of where The Waffle is coming from, you’re very welcome here and I’d lovely to hear any feedback or interaction or thoughts you might have. Happy cooking!

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